Stadium Naming Rights


Within the stadium naming rights market, ImperiMAX Global seeks to close the gap between stadiums and sponsors. It is well known within the professional sporting industry that stadium naming rights entail more than simply slapping a company’s logo on the building’s facade. These names have the power to influence communities, paint corporations in a new light and generate significant revenues for the respective sponsored brands.


Gaining stadium naming rights assists businesses who seek to increase their brand recognition as cameras nearly always capture images of the stadium during games, and sportscasters almost always mention it in passing. With an average attendance of 38,181 spectators, 643 million viewers per game, and a global television audience of over 3.2 billion people, the biggest league being the English Premier League, provides companies with an incredible platform for global exposure. In addition, there are vast sponsorship opportunities in other leading leagues globally which include La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy , MLS in the United States and many other developed and existing leagues. For businesses attempting to gain public awareness, this strong and consistent media attention and the essentially “free” advertising that results from the stadium being televised, are tremendously valuable for gaining brand exposure.


In addition to this, businesses can use stadium naming rights  to establish an emotional connection with the football club’s target audiences, in which supporters create an emotional connection with the brand name as the stadium hosts for the football club they love and support. ImperiMAX Global works to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and assists in establishing connections between organisations looking to effectively market their brands around the world and stadiums who are looking for brands to buy out their stadium naming rights.

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