12 million people watch the Tour in person from the roadside, and the three-week race gets an estimated 1.5 billion TV views worldwide.This is in addition to many other races televised races worldwide. Cycling with its deep tradition & following in Europe the USA and an increasingly worldwide fan base offers an extraordinary global brand exposure and product awareness.


Compared to sports like basketball and football, cycling is a unique activity, but for the teams, it offers a variety of sponsors and wealthy owners. A pro cyclist’s professional career generally revolves around sponsorship. From the sponsor’s point of view, supporting a team may involve more than just getting their name in front of people in the hopes that they will purchase their goods; it may also entail developing a positive reputation for the sponsor and, in some cases, fostering a sense of teamwork within the organisation as a whole. Cycling sponsorship partnerships benefit riders in their professional careers as well as expose companies to a niche demographic that they can use to their advantage in a variety of ways.


The Tour de France, Giro d’itala and the Vuelta a espana as well as events held in several other countries like the USA and Qatar compile over 2 billion people in terms of viewing figures as well as over 20 million roadside spectators. These Events present a global platform for viewing where sponsors gain access to millions of people through media exposure as well as in person spectating. ImperiMAX Global allows businesses to access this exposure through providing a platform for companies to partner with cycling events and teams with sponsorship opportunities.


Unlike other sporting categories, cycling is unique. Sponsorship deals do not only merely include a logo on a kit , but sponsors actually become the name of the cycling team. This allows the sponsor’s name to be mentioned repeatedly every time cyclists in the Team are mentioned on TV,radio,online & print. This extensive coverage is given to the cycling team as well as the sponsor due to this exclusive relationship of sponsoring a cycling team and is a major competitive advantage to sponsoring cycling viz a vis football and any other sports..


Within the competitive and one of a kind industry of cycling ImperiMAX Global builds connections with teams and companies. ImperiMAX Global bridges this gap between cycling events/teams and companies seeking sponsorship deals. This allows for high value relationships to be built, gaining large sponsorship deals for teams, effective deals for brands as well as access to global markets through sponsorship.

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