ImperiMAX Global is a specialised agency that connects businesses looking for sponsorship opportunities with international competitions and sports, including the Olympics. The Olympics is a worldwide event where exposure for businesses would be incredibly beneficial in bringing attention to their brand to the 3 Billion TV viewers globally that the Olympics attracts. ImperiMAX Global is able to connect leading global brands with tIOC sponsorship opportunities subject to availability and fit .


The Olympic Games are a huge money generator: 14 top sponsors – including global brands such as Coca-Cola, Intel and Alibaba – and almost 70 other partners pump billions into the IOC.

Global Sponsors’ products and services are used at the sports venues on site and by the athletes. For example, Omega watches are used to measure time at competitions. Consumer electronics for the athletes come from Samsung. 

The sponsors and partners, in turn, are the only brands with the right to use the famous Olympic rings and the Olympic flame in their marketing activities. Procter & Gamble, for example, took advantage of this in its #LeadWithLove campaign for the Tokyo  Games.

The Olympics is the most well known and storied sports event of all time, the international media coverage in terms of television highlight the immense measure of exposure sponsors would get, as well the exclusivity of the partnership allowing the use of the olympic rings. ImperiMAX Globalis able to connect leading global brands with IOC sponsorship opportunities subject to availability and fit .

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