Marathons :

With so many people now running marathons each year, it’s become a huge business all over the world. Many charities benefit from the sponsorships collected by individual runners and many companies benefit from the advertising that sponsoring a big event brings.


For companies, marathon sponsorship is a big business and successful sponsorship is a result of companies understanding their audience. Not only that, it’s also the perfect way to market a brand and involve a brand name in a domain where they’d never normally be found. 

Marathon viewership is huge, the men’s marathon was the 2ns most watched event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well 500 million viewers globally watch Eliud Kipchoge run the first ever sub 2 hour mile as well as 800,000 live attendees. Kipchoge 2 shirt sponsors were 2 of the top seven trending topics worldwide during his race, showing what ImperiMAX Global can offer to brands who are interested in sponsorship opportunities regarding marathons, may that be in jersey sponsors or sponsoring of events.

Take Flora for example, the main sponsor of the London Marathon for 14 years. During their sponsorship term, the London Marathon “became the largest annual fundraising event in the world” which meant that Flora was the brand name on the tip of tongues throughout the world.

Event sponsorship is the perfect way to increase brand awareness and with fundraising also on side with marathon events, sponsor companies remain in the public’s mind for all the right reasons.

The Marathon is a great way for companies to get involved and expose their brand which could be in sponsoring the event itself or sponsoring runners. This provides great exposure through media coverage as well as improved PR as the marathon is one of the most watched spectator events. ImperiMAX Global helps potential sponsors link with marathon events such as the London or New York marathon to provide new, niche and effective sponsorship opportunities. 

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